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Hogwasher.com - Recommended for Macs.
• Hogwasher is built to help you get the most out of Usenet news. Each feature of the program is designed to make news-reading faster and easier...
> Built-in image viewer:
Hogwasher makes it easy to view the wide variety of JPEG images posted to Usenet. Once the articles are downloaded, simply open the image viewer window to preview each image and save the ones you want. You can even save images in archives, just like ordinary messages. Hogwasher can display all image formats supported by QuickTime, which currently includes JPEG, GIF, PICT, BMP, and many others!
> Send and receive e-mail and news:
Hogwasher handles both news and email, so you can get all of your news in one place! Whether it's Usenet news or e-mail list subscriptions, you can read it with Hogwasher. Hogwasher's mailboxes are based on search criteria, so you can choose which messages are downloaded. You can forward news messages to friends through e-mail, reply directly to the author of a news message, and more!
> Batch posting of binaries:
Hogwasher makes it easy to post a series of binaries, such as images. Just compose a message describing the binaries, then drag all of the files into the attachments list and click Send. Each attachment will be posted as a separate message, complete with the file name and file size appended to the subject. Hogwasher will also automatically split files larger than a user-defined threshold into multiple parts!

Easy Setup
• How to LOGIN via Hogwasher... (Over 53,000 Groups!)
We carry every newsgroup that exists! Simply enter the below information...
> News-Server: news.titannews.com
> Then your Username and Password
Under "Setup"
create a new NEWS Account
named TITANnews.com...
or use the easy "Setup Assistant" under "Setup"
Download our full newsgroups list, select your desired newsgroups, and you're ready to go! Download and read anything you want!

For more help read your manual or go to the
Hogwasher home page.

> Click to Enter Members Area at TITANnews.com!

• Privacy!
No logs
of your downloads are kept. All posts are completely anonymous.

• Support!
We offer more options for support than most any other usenet provider!


of TITANnews.com
Using Hogwasher

The #1 Usenet News-Reader for MacOS and now OSX!
Another Piece...
Hogwasher.com - Recommended for Macs.

Great Benefits!
***** MacOS9/X
Real-Time Downloads or Scheduled Connections!
Use, View, and Download in Real-Time - or Schedule Downloads to Read Articles, Look at Pictures, or Post Messages Later.
Automatic Binaries Decoding

yEnc - No Problem!

Built-in Picture Viewer

Batch Binaries Posting

Combined Rich-Featured Email Program

Multiple Accounts - No Problem!

Address Book

Powerful Filtering

Best News-Reader, Binaries Downloader, and Picture Viewer for the Mac

TITANnews.com - #1 on the Planet

HOGWASHER review and information...
Hogwasher Information
For Macs
Easy to Use:
Hogwasher was designed, from the ground up, as a Mac application - not ported from Windows. It's multi-threaded, so you can download and read news at the same time. Drag and drop is supported everywhere.QT Hogwasher takes advantage of QuickTime to view images. All the things you would expect from a real Mac program...

Hogwasher is for the Classic MacOS and OSX.
Best News-Reader and poster we've used. Plus it has a handy built-in feature-rich email program for a great all-in-one product!

Made for MacOS by Mac People - Supported by TITANnews.com

i Detailed Information...
(by Asar Corporation)
Hogwasher FEATURESOrderSome people say reading Usenet is just too complicated… we say “Hogwash!”

Introducing Hogwasher: the news-reader for those who are ready to move up… either from a simple “browser add-on” news-reader or from a complicated and confusing news-reader based on an out-of-date user interface.

Both Text and Binary users will appreciate Hogwasher's clean, modern, Mac-centered interface and its powerful Usenet-taming features. At Asar, we believe the news-reader should do the work for you… not the other way around.

Hogwasher functions equally well as an online or an offline news-reader and it has an integrated email client. It works natively with OS X as well as with previous Mac OS's, and handles all common encodings including MIME, UUEncode, BinHex, and yEnc.

Other features include:
Flexible, Powerful Filtering
Scheduled Automatic Connections
Thread Tree Display
Batch Binary Posting
Automatic Binary Decoding
Multipart Post Assembly
Multiple Identities and Signatures
Built-in Multimedia Viewer
Built-in Audio Player
Full Email Support
Address Book
Archive Database for Saved Posts
To learn more and download a fully functional "Test Drive" visit:

For OS X!

TITANnews.com Current News
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> Unlimited FULL-SPEED: 250 MegaBytes / Day Extra FREE!
> Unlimited TURBO!: EXTRA 128K CONNECTION FREE for a TOTAL of 3!

Common Questions
• Can I use Hogwasher to READ and DOWNLOAD my total daily allotment to view offline at my convenience? ABSOLUTELY! And it's easy.

POWER-POSTERS: Can I use Hogwasher to Power Post 100s of binaries or large multi-part files? ABSOLUTELY. It does everything for you except typing in the message. TITANnews.com and Hogwasher were made for power-posters.

Extra• You are welcome to read anything Usenet has you desire, and post as much as you want.

Welcome to TITANnews.com

Opinion Our Recommendation:
Our opinion is completely unbiased. Our Macintosh staff has been using Hogwasher exclusively since version 2.0 in 1999. We have tried every Mac News-Reader and Poster there is. This one's the best. We currently do NOT receive a commission - so nothing influences our choice except the quality of this product. We highly recommend Hogwasher for Macs.

Our Goal is to Make You just as Happy!


System Requirements
PPC Processor

System 8.6 or later

CarbonLib 1.1 or later

10 MB free disk Space


• News-Readers
We carry every newsgroup that exists! Use the best News-Reader for your computer there is!
The below are recommended for your individual OS, Windows or Mac, as being SUPERIOR.
> News-Server: news.titannews.com
> Then your Username and Password
Enter into any News-Reader client such as...

For Macintosh: Hogwasher
Hogwasher.com - Recommended for Macs.

For Windows:
Ozum News-Reader or Outlook
Get OZUM News-Reader!

Download our full newsgroups list, select your desired newsgroups, and you're ready to go! Download and read anything you want!

If you need detailed help, or need a News-Reader, go to: Setup Support or DMOZ.org


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